Lamborghini Jota

The Paris Motor Show is a little more than a month away, but we already know that Lamborghini will steal the show with the successor of its flagship, the Murciélago.

Much details about the looks are not known yet and with these two new spyshots we cannot really say anything more. Jota’s engine will be a +700bhp strong V12. The base price is expected to start at € 275,000.

Please stay tuned for more information and pictures before the actual start of the Paris Motor Show!

Lamborghini Jota


  1. im with ya guys, but do you ever have that feeling in your stomach that this new thing will be totally cool? i have it wright now. but i will remind you all that the US have only there corvette to be proud of. All the other american cars at this moment are s***y.ty

  2. that isnt what its going to look like ..notice the plastic shell over the front bumper and hood thats all one piece..wonder whats under that??? its for the 2011 year they gotta show it now …or they will be producing gallardos for 2011 it will be there!!

  3. i think it will show if you look close at the hood the detail is already done its all covered and all lambo has to do is take off the condom

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