Australian Joss JP1 on Sale in 2011

Joss Development has announced that the Australian JP1 supercar is almost ready and sales will start in 2011. Development started back in 2004, but still the engine choice is unclear. According Topspeed, Matt Thomas, technical director of Joss Developments, says Joss is aiming for something from Europe.

“We are aiming to be on sale in the middle or end of 2011. We are factoring-in an 18-month development program,” says Thomas. “We are well into the engineering test of the chassis. The aim is to have two production prototypes by the early months of next year. They will be call the JP1, for the Joss Prototype 1.”

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  1. yeah, it looks like a cheap Mclaren F1. Its like a Mosler MT900 that looks like a smaller version of the Sallen S7 that looks like a cheap Mclaren F1 to. I manage to confuse myself now….


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