Edo Competition Turn Aston Martin DB9 Into DBS

We are not sure why but Edo Competition were approached by a Russian DB9 owner five months ago and asked to convert his car into a DBS. Perhaps the car had sentimental value or perhaps the owner simply wanted to see what could be done? What we do know however is that the end result is pretty impressive… if a little trivial!

To start with, all body panels had to be machined from carbon fiber with wider body parts and a new front skirt and rear diffuser. The engine has also been uprated to offer the full 550bhp to allow a top speed of 320km/h (199mph).

The interior has been completely re-finished with Alcantara and leather with carbon fiber inserts and metal accents. Upgrades have also been applied to the audio system to bring it up to the DBS standards!

A new exhaust system opens up the new power via butterfly valves, adjustable through the drivers control unit. Sport suspension upgrades have also been applied, adjustable in ride height, stiffness, as well as compression and rebound damping. Brakes come in the form of 405mm rotors and six piston monobloc calipers up front and 380mm rotors and four piston monobloc calipers at the rear.

There is a comprehensive gallery below so let us know what you think!

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  1. I think its more pretty than original DBS and with butterfly valves in the exhaust system have to make a nice V12 rampage sound.

  2. @Claudio: What’s more pretty ? To me it’s exactly the same, but if you’ve seen a difference, I’d like to know which.

    It’s a beautiful job be Edo, yet I wonder what the weight is with all these carbon panels and the old steel frame.


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