Car Crash Zenvo ST1 Goes Off-Track

It looked more dramatic than it was, but the Danish supercar Zenvo ST1 got off-track at a Sportscar Event at the Jyllands Ringen. A simple driving mistake resulted into a crash. Fortunately there were no injuries and the supercar is already back in action.

The driver of the car, Troels Vollertsen, said that he simply drove too fast. In the end the car suffered minor damage on the left side. The gravel was washed from the car, it got a quick wash and then the Zenvo was back in business.

Sportscar Event is celebrating their 10th anniversary and gave ordinary people the opportunity to get into their dream car and collect money for charity.


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  1. looks like the left rear fender was falling apart before the car lost control….. check out the gap on the right side compared with the left…. hmmm….. maybe he lost control due to the “air braking” effect of the body panels? (unlikely)…. read my first comment….. countersteer next time;)


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