Official Ford RS500 Unveiled

The Amerian car maker has revealed the Ford Focus RS500, a hot hatch limited to only 500 pieces producing 345bhp referring back to the old days of the incredible Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500. The vehicle also marks the end of the current generation Focus RS.

On the technical side the engineers added an improved induction kit and a revised exhaust system. This creates the additional extra 45bhp to the standard car’s 300bhp. Torque goes up from 325lb-ft to 339lb-ft. The new sprint time of 0-100km/h (62mph) is improved up to 0.3 seconds to 5.6 seconds. Top speed stays the same at 163mph.

You notice the car’s exterior immediately. It is finished in a matt black paint, unique to the RS500. A gloss paint stays on the lower grille and splitter, the rear spoiler and the rear diffuser. The brake calipers are finished in red.

The interior has red detailing instead of the RS’s blue. A plaque on the centre console indicates the car’s edition number.

Prices are unknown at this stage. We expect a price around $ 52,000 (£ 35,000 or € 39,000). You can order the vehicle from May with deliveries starting in the late summer.


  1. This is a guaranteed future classic, no doubt about it! Well, the ones that don’t get driven into a field by eager drivers, or wiped out on track days.


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