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For Sale: Rolls Royce Black Ruby

Rolls Royce Black Ruby

Custom concepts and one-off coachbuild supercars is something we see more and more. This Rolls-Royce Phantom DC Concept is basically a Phantom converted to fastback. The DC designed drivable Concept was originally designed for a Maharajah’s private collection in 2005. This bizarre Phantom is currently listed in the United Kingdom for sale for £750,000. What do you think? Overkill or cool?

Rolls Royce Black Ruby

Rolls Royce Black Ruby

Rolls Royce Black Ruby

Rolls Royce Black Ruby

For more information about the sale of this ‘unique’ Rolls Royce, visit Sparkcars.com

[Thanks to Anov for the tip!]


  1. Lee, i don’t think that it’s to be taken seriously like a proper ~Rolls Royce~ but just for fun! In reality that is like a minnow and a RR is like Great White Shark!

    edit: actually looking at that car for second time, it’s pretty scummy and i feel like the designer actually thinks that it looks good. that’s the ugliest car in the world!!!

    edit 2″ NEVER MIND it’s awful. forget i even commented

  2. I like it for the most part, just not the back part. If they reworked the way it looks from the back i think it could actually be sweet ride.


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