Vorsteiner V-GT Posche Carrera

The latest addition to the Vorsteiner line-up is the V-GT program for the facelifted MKII Carrera models available in 2010. The all-new V-GT aero package will be available for the Porsche: C2, C2S, C4, C4S, Targa 4, Targa 4S & Cabriolet models.

Up the front end the V-GT Carrera has a new front add-on spoiler constructed of carbon fiber. The V-GT front spoiler improves downforce at high speeds and houses integrated dual brake duct openings with a black protective mesh grill. The rear end has a carbon fiber rear add-on diffuser that fits over the factory rear bumper cover. The new V-GT rear diffuser includes three integrated diffuser fins.

Optional items are a carbon fiber roof replacement which removes the factory sunroof saving 47lbs off the top of the vehicle and 19 & 20 inch forged wheels.

The price of the new kit has not been announced yet, but it will be available worldwide starting in January 2010 through selected dealers.


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