Hofele Volkswagen Touareg Royster GT 460 Widebody

We know Hofele from tuning the Porsche Cayenne series. By taking this VW Touareg into their shop, Hofele cuts in a new path. The name Royster GT 460 Widebody is definitely in place here when you see the pictures.

The package includes a new front bumper, four extra fog-lights and several air-intakes. Hofele also installs a new bumper on the rear and a spoiler on the roof which is always a bit special for a SUV. Luckely it’s not too big. There are also integrated air-intakes in the back and a reviewed diffuser. To finish the looks, there’s a brand new exhaust system which will announce your arrival when you’re just coming around the corner.

[Via Autogespot]


  1. I really want to get my hands on a Touareg and Tiguan at the shop. I guess more so the Tiguan since it’s a VW turbo and we love those, but this would not be bad to roll around in every day.


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