Switzer Nissan GT-R P800

The Nissan GT-R is probably one of the most popular sports cars in his class due to its looks and performance. For tuning companies the GT-R seems to a gold mine. One after the other takes the sports car into their shop. The latest addition to the tuner story is this 700bhp strong GT-R P800 created by Switzer. Just one word: fast!

In the video below you can see that the P800 testing on a Russian motorway. Simply impressive! The 0-62mph (100km/h) sprint is done in just 2,9 seconds, 125mph (200km/h) is reached 5,5 seconds later. After 19,81 seconds the indicator shows 188mph (300km/h).

Turn up the volume and enjoy!

[Via Autoblog.nl]


  1. Awesome !!! This car is better than other european cars, this is fact. Design is different, but this is very good looking car, specially in white color. The Russian road – absolute madness. His stopped on the left lane and this is ok. What do you think about it?

  2. I Agree with you Michael , it is good looking car but porsches fanboys and ;girls)think it’s ugly , they need to RESPECT JAPANESES CULTURAL DESIGN AND LET THE HATERS THANK GOD CUZ IT’S CGEAPER THAN THE GARBAGE PORSCHE


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