The A5 is everything an Audi coupe should be in our eyes. You could call it classy, refined and desirable. But what happens when you add some decent tuning to it like large rims, a lowering package or some body work? We had a closer look at the PS 5 kit from PPI Design, available for all A5 and S5 models.

First of all the “PPI-Sport” package is available for any current A5 and S5. Each part of the body work is developed in the wind tunnel and improves the handling of the car. The complete body kit includes a front spoiler lip generating more down force, new air inlets providing additional cooling air to the engine and a new front grille “RS-style”.

On the sides you will find four separate pieces mounted on the standard side skirts. The four-piece set reduces the air flow between the two axles. The package is completed with newly developed rear mirrors cases reducing wind noise, a rear window spoiler, rear spoiler and rear diffuser for the original rear skirt.

The aerodynamic enhancements should give the A5 or S5 a better appearance and will have affect at high speeds. A down fail of kit is the fact that each part is fitted to existing OEM parts like the original Audi bumpers and skirts. We would prefer replacements parts including the improvements PPI Design acknowledges. This “easy” way of fitting extras to the car is – of course – cheaper than a full body kit. However, we think that looks are more important to this car than just the money spend especially when parts are glued to OEM parts.

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The light alloy rims “PPI Race” are the best looking item of the whole package. They look slim, shiny and enhance the sportive look. The wheels have Michelin-tyres measuring 265/30/20. The car is also lowered up to 30mm. The ride doesn’t become bumpy at all. It keeps its characteristics without becoming extremely hard or uncomfortable. 19 inch is also available. Even more aggressive brake pads are available at request.

The interior highlights are the ergonomically designed PPI sport steering wheel – a must have for every Audi. Better grip, better shape and it keeps it standard features. PPI also refines the gear shift and hand brake with leather and logo. The doors are fitted with the same leather used on the steering wheel and gear shift. New floor mats complement the interior package.

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If we take a closer look at the subject of performance, PPI has designed two kits for the 3.0 TDI engine. Tuning for the other engines is also available, but figures are missing. The upgrade includes a sport air filter, stainless steel exhaust system and a new motor management system. The output rises from 240 to 257bhp, the torque from 500 to 548Nm. The second kit rises the power from 240 to 282bhp, the torque from 500 to 580Nm.

If you compare the performance kit to competitors like MTM, ABT or Senner you will notice the difference. These tuners have kits for different engines and achieve higher numbers (up to 310bhp and 640Nm in case of MTM). PPI commented they generally supply lower figures then what they produce, because of the greater variability of the Audi Engines as compared with other manufacturers. They would rather quote a lower performance figure and have a satisfied client that will get higher performance then vice versa. Still the figures differ, only a dyno will give some answers.

In the end, we would definitely go for the steering wheel, interior leather package and the great looking rims. They will increase your handling and looks inside. The body kit and motor tuning are perhaps a different story. The body kit needs some decent improvement on the looks. Luckily, stage II is coming. It’s a complete replacement incorporating new front and rear bumpers, front fenders, front hood and adjustable rear spoiler.

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