If we believe TechArt then their showroom is “the right place to get inspired”. So why not visit this showroom? Perhaps they could show us around, tell us about their current tuning programs and even check out their latest supercars. Our visit was an eye opener and they surprised us by initiating a meeting with one of their brand ambassadors.

You will find TechArt Automobildesign GmbH near Stuttgart in a small city called Leonberg. The factory is situated on an industrial area and is easily spotted by numerous Porsche cars parked in front of the office. In the showroom three to four cars are being displayed. Accessories are available for previewing and the cars are accessible. Sales managers are available on the spot to help you out with any query you may have.

The factory tour gave us an inside in the way TechArt develops packages and individualizes Porsche cars. A total of ten mounting bays are available within the factory. The implementation of a full package takes around three to five weeks depending on the base vehicle.

An engine workshop, interior and leather stations are available within the factory. Just to give you an idea it takes the leather department up to seven hours to re-furbish a sport steering wheel. The client even can choose between a numerous amount of different thicknesses.

A total of 900 TechArt Magnum’s have left the different workshops around the world over the past few years. It is TechArt’s most successful package until this date. The German tuner is able to implement different front/rear fenders, side skirts, day running lights, headlamp covers, bonnets, rear wings, interior, steering wheels, rims/wheels, air coolers, exhausts, suspension kits and a power kits to a wide variety of Porsche vehicles.

If you implement a full kit on a Porsche 997 GT2 – creating a GTstreet RS, it will cost you a staggering 140.000 euros. There are already 40 people worldwide who have integrated the full kit into their personal car.

During our visit TechArt had a surprise. Adrian Sutil – Formula 1 driver for Indian team Force India – showed up at the factory. Adrian and Uwe Alzen are the new brand ambassadors. The two racing drivers will be at TechArt’s disposal in 2009 as test drivers supporting the development of various new components.

We spoke with Adrian about his current Formula 1 season and the development of TechArt kits. He is eager to work along with TechArt engineers in creating a superb setup for future clients. He is currently driving a TechArt GTstreet Coupé and working on the development of an enhanced package for the GTstreet R.

Techart Factory Visit 025

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