The Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger are about as retro as American muscle cars get. The perfect base for a US Air Force marketing campaign then, right? The cars were purchased by the US Air Force and customized by Galpin Auto Sports (GAS – Pimp My Ride fame) in an attempt to entice potential recruits. Named ‘X-1’ and ‘Vapour’ both cars are extensively modified.

The ‘X-1’, based on the Mustang, is modelled entirely on a the technical aspects of a jet fighter. From it’s central driving position to a concealed motorized steering wheel and a dash equipped with a sensor pack that displays night and thermal vision, the car has the feel of a high tech fighter. The 4.6 liter engine has been upgraded as well to a power rating of around 500bhp, the Verticle, Lamborghini style doors create a sense of supercar style befitting the one-off nature of the car.

The white ‘X-1’ is flanked by the matte black challenger based ‘Vapour’. Another technical masterpiece, the Vapour also features the same verticle doors as well as a custom bodykit and carbon fibre trim. Also features of the car are the one-off carbon fiber wheels, a custom stealth exhaust that allows a silent mode and an agressive loud mode. A secondary passenger steering wheel and a state of the art computer system with internet access, GPS tracking and exterior proximity sensors finish this one off.

We can’t think of any similar project by a Military recruitment service, although we hate to think how much it’s cost the US tax payer… They will take part in the 2009 Super Car Tour which will primarily visit high schools and a variety of Air Force sponsored events including the DUB magazine auto show, Hot Import Nights, Battle of the Imports, Formula Drift, International Hot Rod Association and local community events. For more info, visit here. Watch the videos!!


  1. Supercars ? I hope they know better about planes than about cars because what I see here are two miserable failures. The interiors are childish at best and the exteriors show nothing more than cheap and outdated symbols of a near bankrupted industry. And BTW guys, camo suits are for battlefields.


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