Life without Top Gear was hard all these months. But it is June 2009 and that means Top Gear is back. Season 13 will have more stunts, more laps with stars in the ‘Reasonably-Priced Car’ and of course the Stig driving the latest supercars around their track. During one of the new tests at an army base the guys wrecked an EVO VII. Just enjoy the pictures while we are awaiting the first episode of the new season.


  1. Ohh… That gonna be a fun when they show it at the show^^
    Wonder if someone got hurt… Looks quiet bad…

  2. Well well , what to expect from a Jeremy who only could drive cars in a circle around and around with spinning tyres.Don`t English people drive fast forward at any time !?.If not , buy a circus wheel. :)

    Best regards from the Turbo heated Volvo R Sweden … Jeremy. :)


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