Lamborghini Estoque

Lamborghini sent out a press release today as responds to the news that the Estoque wouldn’t be build. Lamborghini states that the Estoque was and still is a concept model but stresses no decision has been made to build the car or not. Good news for all the Estoque fans (me included), there’s hope the Lamborghini Estoque will get build.



In reference to recent press coverage commenting on cancellation of its Estoque project, Lamborghini has not taken any decision to produce its Estoque concept car, the four door performance saloon concept shown at Paris motor show in 2008.

As stated when the car was shown, Lamborghini believes that if a third model line should ever be added to its product line up, a four door luxury performance saloon could be a logical product strategy. No decision has been made to produce the Estoque.

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