Tramontana R

How do you enhance a 720bhp strong supercar which is build from carbon fibre? Ever heard of the Catalan brand Tramontana? The Spanish manufacturer from Girona near Barcelona introduced their first concept at the Geneva Motorshow of 2005. Over the past years they sold seven cars. Now they have come up with a new version that will be introduced next week at the their factory.

The ‘R’ version of the Formula 1-style supercar has been developed to enhance the driver’s sensation by decreasing the weight of the car with 92gram. The weight decreased from 1360 to 1268gram. The weight distribution changed to. It went from 42/58 on the ‘normal’ version to an ideal 50/50.

Other changes to the car are different traction control and power steering systems. The front and back spoilers were swapped for new ones together with the front splitter. The body has new air valves and within the car you will find a new steering wheel and gages.

The performance of the ‘R’ is stunning. From zero to 100km/h in 3,6 seconds and 0 to 200 in 10,15 seconds. The top speed of the Tramontana R is limited at 325km/h. The basis is a bi-turbo V12 engine that produces at least 550bhp. With one push of a button, that number can skyrocket up to at least 720bhp.

[via Autoweek]


  1. What and incredible car! I love it! Maybe there are people who don’t like it but at least is something different in terms of design as what we are used to…and it’s bloody fast!
    It should also be interesting to drive such a beast from a central position. I’d kill for driving this beauty!!

  2. I had the privilege of driving one of these beauties in Monaco, 2010. it really gives a whole new feeling of driving when your in the center position, and the handling and speed are like nothing else. i felt as if i was in a fighter jet!


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