New pictures have appeared of Ferrari’s prototype for the replacement model for the F430. It’s been given the number designation F142 in the same way as we have seen for previous Ferrari’s, such as the California (once the F149), but is rumoured to be called the F450 due to the use of a 4.5 litre V8. On this test mule there’s some increased air scoops and a Scuderia style exhaust.

As well as the rumoured engine capacity, the entry level ferrari (if it can be called that!) is also rumoured to have a power figure of around 550bhp. The pictures were bringing to you today look to be of a test mule in it’s early stages of development, perhaps out testing a new chassis or chassis settings. The one disapointment in the rumours that we’ve been hearing is the lack of a complete redesign of the new car. According to some sources, the new car will take styling cues largely from the old F430… which was essentially a modified F360! We want to see a market defining new car from Ferrari that sets new standards in terms of looks and not just through it’s technological standards. It’s early days though so anything and everything could happen!

[Via WorldCarFans]

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