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Sunday night again! In the 4th episode of this season Top Gear brings two of the fastest and most expensive cars in the world to the Top Gear test track for Jeremy Clarkson Richard Hammond James May aka Captain Slow to test. After a couple effortless attempts at drifting the Pagani Zonda F Roadster around the track, May decides to have a little dragrace with the other supercar that is handed over to him at the Top Gear track. The Bugatti Veyron makes it’s first appearance on the track and later in the episode it’s driven around the track properly by the Stig. Meanwhile May, Hammond and Clarkson set out on a Eco challenge across Europe. To please the environmentalist they try and get from Basel (Switzerland) to Blackpool in the UK with only one tank of petrol.

This time they didn’t have a tight budget but any production car was allowed. James showed up in a Subaru Legacy Diesel, Jeremy picked a twin-turbo Jaguar XJ and Hammond arrived at the start in a BlueMotion Volkswagen Polo. As far as Top Gear races go this must have been the dullest to date up until the point where the cars are about to run out of fuel with the finish line in sight. Everybody who has ever run out of petrol, and I must admit I have as well, knows that the last few miles give a huge adrenaline rush over wheter or not you will make it to the next petrolstation. You’ll have to see for yourself who won!

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