O.CT Audi RS6 R8

O.CT can now be added to the list of tuners to turn their hand to Audi’s flagship models. The power hikes are made possible on both cars by a simple ECU reprogram and some intake and exhaust componants. The power released by these simple upgrades makes the O.CT cars the perfect compromise between the standard car and the top of the range items, such as MTM’s version.

Audi R8 O.CT

To start with the R8, gains of 26bhp to a 446bhp total allow the sports car to reach 124mph, 1.5 seconds faster than the standard car. The power comes from an exhaust system which creates an optimum back pressure, not only for performance but also for sound. Unlike many of it’s competitors, O.CT has stuck just to the engine with no extra exterior modifications. Torque is also up in this car by 20Nm to 450Nm. The price for this modification is €4,428 including taxes if bought direct from O.CT.

Audi RS6 O.CT

The second of the cars, the Audi RS6, enjoys a greater increase in power than the R8. An extra 70bhp increases the total to 650bhp with a torque increase to 750Nm from 650Nm. 0-62mph comes in just 4.86 seconds a huge increase from the standard cars 5.41 time. The top speed is an incredible 202mph which requires a set of tyres better rated to these speeds. Enjoy these pictures of both cars together.

Audi RS6 and R8

[Via O.CT Via Motorauthority]

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