Now the Dodge Challenger has finally arrived in the production hall and is ready to hit the road it’s kind of normal that the first tuner appeared. Hennessey Performance offers an upgrade for the Challenger SRT8’s 6.1 liter V8 that increases the power up to 575 bhp and as if that isn’t enough yet, there’s also a supercharged and turbo version producing 725 bhp. The Challenger SRT600 sprints to the quarter mile (about 400 meters) in 11.9 seconds hitting 121 mph (193 kmh).

Other improvements are the suspension and brakes, and Hennessey will also fit your car with larger anti-roll bars, new bushings and unique StopTech brakes. The cost for the complete package is $ 74,950 (£ 40,300 – € 50,600). You can also only upgrade the engine for $ 29,500 (£ 15,870 – € 19,920).



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