Porsche Panamera

There have been a thousend spy-shots of the Porsche Panamera yet but detailed pictures of the interior weren’t made before. Now the Panamera got spotted again and spyfotographers managed to take detailed pictures where we get a clair view of the interior. The launch is currently planned for the second half of 2009 following the automaker’s homebase in Frankfurt and it will be built at the company’s Leipzig plant alongside the Cayenne with around 30.000 units per year. Under the hood we will find either a 4.8-liter V8 engine which is naturally aspirated and turbocharged and a V6 engine will also be available. The Panamera will be the first Porsche to incorporate the new electric-gasoline hybrid system and further down the line a V6 diesel engine will be also introduced. Scroll down for pictures…

Porsche Panamera - Interior

Porsche Panamera - Interior

Porsche Panamera - Interior

[via WCF]

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  1. V6 diesel in a Porsche – noooooo :'(

    Let’s hope it’s like Chevrolet – people still CAN tell the difference between the small Daewoo crap and the original american cars (whatever those are :)


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