Gumball 3000 Ford Excursion Crash

The Audi R8 of Gumball 3000 team Driver Side just witnessed the crash of a Ford Excursion with a trailer just north of Calafia on the I-5. The Ford Excursion lost control, spun and the trailer flipped over. According to police sources on sight 2 other vehicles crashed into the Ford Excursion but all drivers and passengers were unharmed.

In the crash, that was captured on film by team Driver Side, were no Gumballers involved. The I-5 is blocked due to the crash and other Gumball 3000 participants will have to find an alternative route. Watch the video of the crash below:

Gumball 3000 team captures Ford Excursion crash:

Thanks to Terabass for capturing the video!

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  1. I and several others were watching this live while chatting in the associated chat room – it was a definite shitty pants moment, even for us watching at home. At first we weren’t sure if it was gumball related or not – no one saw anyone speed right past him but then again he could have been destabilised earlier on. Fortunately now it turns out that it was just a coincidence.
    Unlucky for that guy though! Holiday ruined and all on live TV :(

  2. My bet is he didn’t have enough tongue weight. That vehicle was more can capable of towing that camper if it was loaded properly.
    But speeding past people is always a bad idea anyway, people will crank the wheel and do all kinds of crazy stuff when they get scared or surprised. Its both scary and funny to see, most people have atrocious reaction times.


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