Wald Mercedes C Black Bison

More tuning news today, Japense tuner Wald International further developed the Mercedes C-class bodykit they released in March and dubbed it the Wald Mercedes C-Class Black Bison Edition. Two weeks ago Wald International presented us another Black Bison edition: the Bentley Continental GT Black Bison Edition. Like the previous Black Bison edition’s Wald added a black front grill and other black details to the bodykit.

This particular Black Bison edition for the Mercedes C-class includes a huge rear wing that has a huge love-it-or-hate-it factor. Whether you like it or not, it’s definately a huge eye catcher that draws the attention away from the cheap looking sideskirts. The price of the bodykit is still to be decided.

Wald Mercedes C-Class Black Bison

Wald Mercedes C-Class Black Bison

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