Today at the press day for the London Motorshow at Excel, the Lotus Eagle project was officially unvieled as the Lotus Evora. The car weighs just 1349kg and has a 3.5litre V6 Toyota engine with a power output of 276 hoursepower. The interior is a massive improvement from what we have come to expect from Lotus, this marks a real step by the company to promote their cars in the US market. The functionality of the car does not stop at a comfortable interior however, its a 2+2 which means theres plently of space, something which the US market apparently demands…

Not only have Lotus launched the Evora but they also took the oppertunity to inform us that the chassis will be inserted into future Lotus models, perhaps hinting at a further line-up enhancement. The Hethal, England based company expect to shift 2,000 units annually and around the world. We’ll be at Excel tommorow to check the car out, In the mean time, check out these pictures.

[Via Autoblog]

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