A successor to the previous M3 CSL has yet to be announced officially, however details have been gradually seepin through about what could be in store if and when it is announced. The spirit of the M3 CSL is to take the M3 and create a track ready, low power to weight ratio, limited edition super-BMW. As such the new version could bin the sat-nav, radio, speakers and air conditioning in an extreme effort to shed some serious pounds.

Carbon Fibre would also be a logical step for BMW to take to bring down the weight, bonnets, spoilers, side pannels and rear bumpers could all benefit. Power would naturally be increased from the 414bhp on tap in the standard car, to around 470bhp. To gain some sort of exclusivity it is also assumed that production will be limited, perhaps as low as 100 cars. The likely initial first release date would be the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show where the price will almost definately be in excess of £70,000. That is if it ever makes production…

[Via Pistonheads]


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