Corvette ZR1 laps nurburgring in 7:26

Two weeks after the Corvette ZR1 with GM development engineer Jim Mero behind the wheel lapped the Nurburgring Nordschleife in 7:26,4, General Motors released the video of the record-lap. A lot of people doubted the real laptime of the Corvette ZR1 and although a video is still manipulative evidence, we think the Corvette ZR1’s laptime is certainly legit. What do you think?

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  1. This thing doing 26.4 on nurburgring is raping german cars on their own home base so badly that USA might as well have invaded germany all over again.

  2. Shaved tires are generally not shaved below the DOT requirements for legal tread depth. Typical shaving is usually done to 4/32nds of an inch. Lower than that would actually be a detriment to performance as the remaining tread would overhead quickly.

    As for the fuel, it depends. Unleaded, high-octane fuel can certainly be street legal. I doubt leaded fuel would be used in a stock production engine.


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