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Kahn Cosworth Range Rover Sport

Kahn Cosworth Range Rover Sport

Another car that will be putting in its first appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, starting this Friday, will be the Kahn Cosworth Range Rover Sport. This marks the start of a relationship between the two companies that utilises Khan’s expertise in creating quality aftermarket cosmetic tweaks, and Cosworths heritage as a performance expert.

The new car uses 3.6-litre TDV8 diesel engine, which Cosworth has tuned from 268bhp to 300bhp. The power upgrade helps reduce the standard cars 0-62mph time to 8 seconds and a top speed of 135mph. This is latest project is nowhere near as comprehensive for the British company as the highly tuned Fords that the company is famed for, but instead builds on the success of the Range Rover Sport, going some way to cure the problems Land Rover has encountered with this reletively underpowered engine. On the Kahn side of things, the cosmetic specialist has fitted a large rear spoiler, flared wheel arches and aggressive front spoiler with a set of 22-inch alloy wheels and the rear wheels being more deeply dished than the front for a more aggressive look. However, one of the major problems we can see with this car is the £17,000 premium (£75,995) over the top-spec Range Rover Sport TDV8.

Kahn Cosworth Range RoverSport


Kahn Cosworth RangeRover Sport

Kahn Cosworth Range Rover Sport Wheels

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  1. So this is a 4×4 with all the usability taken out then?
    I get it. :D

    Actually no I don’t get it, it’s bloody awful.
    Bad Kahn, Naughty Kahn go sit in the corner .


  2. Who are the winners?

    Partnership with Cosworth – and rich people in Dubai flocking to Goodwood!

    Kahn’s competitor’s are using the usual ‘cry baby’ language.


    Cheap digs eh boys? Well done – keep up the good work – a credit to the nation.

  3. Well i like it actually ,it looks a beast ,id want some extra wheels for off road ,its got wow factor ,all them v8 diesles want tweaking


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