2009 Carrera 4S convertible

After unvealing the 2009 Porsche 911 Carrera and convertible earlier this month, Porsche showed us the new 2009 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 & Carrera 4S coupe and convertible today. Immediately you can see the new reflector strip over the full length of the tail. The rear is also wider than on the 2WD versions.

Like the 2009 Carrera and Carrera S the new 4WD 911’s also get the new direct injected engines and the optional 7-speed twin clutch gearbox. With 345 hp from the 3.6 liter flat six in the Carrera 4 and 383 hp from the 3.8 liter in the Carrera 4S, the 2009 Carrera 4’s are not only cleaner (less emissions) but they are also more powerful and more efficient. The new generation Carrera 4 will have the Porsche Traction Management system known from the 997 Turbo. The first 2009 4WD Porsche are expected to be delivered in october 2008.

[via Autoblog.com]

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  1. They should change something in the front. I cant tell if it is porsche or wolkswagen until the car is not close enough.

  2. Hm, sometimes Porsche should get away from traditions when it doesn’t go along with the design of the car.

    That red stripe in the back is typical for a 4S but it looks terrible here…


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