Caparo T1

The name Caparo T1 makes us all think of the stripped out, F1 based, barely legal road car. Now Tata the new stakeholders from Jaguar and Land Rover, has decided to create 2 new bodykits for the Caparo T1. This is strange because business appears to be going well with 20 T1’s sold in 2007 which made a profit of about 4 million euro. On the other hand, this collaboration could be good news for the company with renewed investment from the Indian company to create a Caparo T2 and T3. However, just to make it clear, the names are not official!

Caparo T1

Tata want to make the car even faster and lighter than it already is. However we believe that with the original Caparo T1’s standard 0 to 62 mph (100 kmh) of 2.5 seconds and its whopping 575 bhp this could be hard to achieve! Official details aren’t known yet, but Tata confirmed that they will create something to make the, already, super fast car even faster!


  1. This is just amazing….can’t imagine having to keep a pit crew around just to drive it around once in awhile…but gawd dam whtta car, the Top Gear episode was cool as hell, the Stig did the lap in 1:10…5 seconds faster than the 2nd place Koeingstegg…


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