Last month we showed you the CL65 tuned by Renntech and giving it a torque of 1220 Nm! This time it’s the CLS’ turn. Strange thing is that the package is created for the 55 AMG and not for it’s younger and stronger brother the 63 AMG. The package is called the PKG5 Plus and has a lot of carbon-fibre, a new cooling system, new software and a lot more power and that’s the reason for most people to buy a package. The figures are more than good with 600 bhp and 620 Nm of torque.

Positive thing is that this package is available for every 55 AMG engine, at least when you pay an extra $ 8 290 (€ 5 360 – £ 4 180). When you’re already driving a Renntech tuned car you get the package for $ 2 995 (€ 1 500 – £ 1 930)!

[via Germancarscene]


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