Spada TS Codatronca

The Italian designer Spada has announced that they will bring the very extreme Spada TS (Turismo Sportivo) Codatronca into production! With figures like a + 600 bhp strong engine and a topspeed of 212 mph (340 kmh), we can talk about a very ‘sportivo’ car. To engine is even running on biofuel just to make it even more powerful. The car-design is based on creations from Ercole Spada, creator of the brand, who worked together with Zagato.

Spada TS Codatronca

The name “Codatronca” is derived from the shape of the car: Coda Tronca means cutted tail in Italian. The official presentation is planned for march 24th, nowhere else than Top Marques in Monaco ofcouse!

You can read the official press-release in our forum!



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