We saw a lot of extreme tuned cars before, but this Husmen 669 GTO is one that belongs at the top. It’s a crossing between a 599 GTB Fiorano and the 250 GTO. The looks are just amazing and when we tell you that the Husmen 669 GTO has a big V8 under the hood, it’s even more amazing! Sofar it’s only a concept car designed by an Italian student but he claims to have a deal with a Italian investor to turn one of his designs into a production car. Let’s hope it’s this one!

As told before the car is based on the the Ferrari 599 GTB, but the V12 made place for a supercharged V8. Nice extra is that the V8 is running on bio-fuel, just to make sure everybody is happy with the concept. Next to all that power there are some nice extra’s as for example a reverse-camera, just to make sure that car can’t get dammaged!

[via Autogespot.nl]

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