Jaguar XF-R

When the new Jaguar XF was introduced it seemed that the cat used one of it’s nine lives to save it’s own skin. This car was going to make it! As we expected, the Jaguar engineers were going to make a XF-R. Last week the first images of an almost uncovered XF-R were taken. Rumours go that there are yet 10 000 buyers for the upcoming XF, let’s wait and see how much this figure will rise when Jaguar makes the news about the XF-R official.

Jaguar XF-R

Too bad there’s nothing known about a date of presentation, but we expect it middle or late 2009. All we know sofar is, that if Jaguar want to be competitive with the BMW M5 and the E63 AMG they will have be prepared!

[via Autogespot]


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