Porsche GT Coupé to replace the 928?

Porsche is very busy these days. They are constantly testing the brand new Panamera and it is said that it will be presented in the spring of 2009. Now after this spyshot there’s a chance that in 2010 Porsche will release a 5th model in it’s range, which should be called the Porsche GT Coupé. Some sources say it could be a replacing model for the 928 Coupé and should be a competitor for the Ferrari 599 GTB, Bentley Continental GT, Mercedes SLR, BMW M6 en Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

But therefore there need to be powerful engines….a V8 or V10 with a turbo? Between 4.0 and 6.0 liter? 300 till 650bhp? Nobody knows for sure…

Porsche 928

And some drawnings how the new Porsche can look like…

This is a combination of a Cayman and 997 Turbo with a Z4 injection…?

Wasn’t this the Panamera? Future will tell the truth!

[via Autoblog.nl]



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