We respect Team Polizei’s decision to withdraw from this years rally after a deadly accident yesterday. Here’s the message they send us:

In view of events of the past day, Alex Roy and Michael Ross of Team Polizei have withdrawn from the 2007 Gumball Rally. They are driving to Bratislava to thank the fans that have traveled from so far. They will make a further statement at 10.00 GMT.


  1. at least one team that is upright!!
    thanks alex roy/michael ross, perhaps now gumball HQ realises what it has to do.

  2. Respectable decision
    I think all the participants should withdraw from the rally in respect of the injured and deceased.
    what happens now to No 74 drivers?

  3. those guys who caused the accident (if its true they were ridin too fast and on the other side of the road) should face the hard face of the law! its really f****d up to leave the scene after such an accident

  4. It’s sad for the family, and I think it’s the best decision Alex and Mr. Ross can take. Also, after the other crash from the Ford GT of team 68, this year’s rally is getting worse.
    Thank you team Polizei for having shown us great stories during the last years. You rock!

  5. Just want to say respect for Team polizei ‘s decision.Sure ,withdraw is the best thing to do in respect of the injured and deceased.


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