After part 1 and part 2 it’s time for the latest Gumball 2007 participant updates. We tracked another bunch of participants and found some more information on Gumballers that already confirmed. For the most up to date participant list check out the Gumball 2007 Teams page!

Jussi Salonoja joins Gumball 2007:

Jussi Salonoja

Finnish millionaire Jussi Salonoja takes part in the rally. He will bring a tuned Mercedes AMG CLK-DTM to the startline. Story goes F1 legend Mika Hakkinen helped him to get his hands on one of the 100 produced CLK-DTM’s.

Jussi Salonoja currently holds the record for getting the biggest speeding fine ever. He had to pay 170.000 euro for doing 80 km/h in a 40 km/h zone in Finlands capital Helsinki. In Finland the fine depends on your income and if you make more then a million a year a minor mishap can cost you a lot of money.

Team 83

McLaren SLR - Team 83

Michael Kelly and Dr. Michael Moreno will be back in the same McLaren SLR they drove last year. This time they will be joined by Michael’s brother Richard and Nick in their Porsche 997 Turbo as Team 84.

Team 84

Porsche 997 Turbo - Team 84

Richard Kelly and Nick Spriggs take part in their Porsche 997 Turbo. The question is will the reliability of the Porsche beat the performance of Michael’s McLaren SLR?!

Team 20 – Turkish Taxi Update

Team 20 article CLICK TO ENLARGE

This morning we got an article about Team 20 and their 1977 Magirus Minibus from a Turkish newspaper. We can’t understand all of it but we can tell this bus is pretty well equipped for a good and fun time on the road: 2 LCD TV’s, a Playstation 3, 5.1 surround sound and complete climate control!

Uno Gomes Interview

This week we had an interview with Uno Gomes. As participants in multiple Gumball’s and a bunch of other rallies he gained a lot of experience and highlighted the best moments.

Team Carbonyte Update

Team Carbonyte promised something special for this years Gumball 3000: a stretched Ferrari 360 Modena. Sadly they won’t be able to do the Gumball 3000 due to problems with the car. Read what they had to say:

I am sorry to inform you that The ferrari limo will not be attending the gumball rally.

This is because it has not been fully finished and tested therefore not road legal.

we hopefull be attending the start of the gumball and have our stretch range rover limousine on show and the carbonyte team wil be there to talk to. so feel free to come and say hello.


Carbonyte team

Finally some celebrities confirmed their appearance at this years rally. Among them X to the Z Xzibit who took some time off from the MTV show Pimp my Ride and actor Danny Dyer who’s hosting this years Gumball 3000 tvshow. Visit the latest Gumball 2007 news!

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