“I just wish I caught him doin’ it, ya know? Oh man, I’d give anything to catch him doin’ it. It’a been worth his doin’ it, if I coulda just caught him, you know what I mean?”
These are not the words of Alex Roy, of course. Meanwhile, Team Polizei’s Bentley has been messed with in Budapest.

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A few cars have been spotted leaving Budapest early in an effort to cheat and get to the final European checkpoint early.

Also, at 6 am local time, the Polizei Bentley GT was found to be vandalized and sabotaged. The front air dam of the car needed emergency repairs and the door handles of the car were covered in an unknown substance which had an awful smell. It was discovered that the reason the front air dam came off was because a large fish was pushed up into the engine bay. The front air dam was eventually fixed using Michael Ross’s ingenuity, ten wire coat hangers and a drill. It is believed that TV personality Ed Leigh is responsible.

In reference to the recent incidents, Alex was quoted as saying, “These people have no Gumball honor”, as well as, “This just shows the weakness of our enemies.”

After all, turnabout is fair play.


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