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We had an interview with Pete of Team Antandpete today. This will be their 3rd Gumball in a row. Read all about it in the Team 97 pre-Gumball 2006 Interview!

Who’s you co-driver?

Anthony Howarth

What car are you driving in this year Gumball?

BMW d3 Evo II (Specs Secret till after rally)

Do you have any special gadgets in your car?

Front and rear mounted laser jammers, Cloaking Device, adapted fuel filler cap enabling us to refuel on the move from or service vehicle, GPS Speedo for accurate top speed checks, on board broadband for mobile communications on the fly, 3 Laptops 1 to download footage too 1 for the online chat and updates and 1 back up as we found last year they break easily, Several on board cameras front and rear mounted, and a selection of goodies which are secret.

What preparations did you take for Gumball?

With this Gumball being our third we have been in research and development with the car and the modifications for 3 Years now, it’s just like Formula 1 you have to update everything each year to keep up with the competition.

Do you have any special outfits?

Each year we have our own team shirts made up with our logos and branding

Did you participate in Gumball before?

Yes in 2004 and 2005

What car did you do the previous Gumballs in?

First year we used the d3 (275bhp) 2nd year we used the d3 Evo (325bhp) this year we are using the d3 EvoII (bhp Top Secret)

What’s your best experience from previous Gumballs?

Driving across north Africa in 2004 getting stopped by the police and they ask you to do a burn out and drive faster, (I cant see any other Gumball topping that)

How did you find out about the Gumball?

T.V. and Film

Why did you decide to join the craziest rally on earth?

Opportunity of a lifetime, we said we would do it once and hear we are just about to do our third

What’s more important to you the driving or the partying and why?

Both; drive hard all day and party hard all night

Are you aiming for a special Gumball award?

We will stick with the unofficial awards they are much more exclusive.

Are you competing for the win?


Who’s your favorite Gumballer and why?

The bloke in the original Gumball film who pulled off his rear view mirror and said we wont be needing that

What’s your favorite Gumball car?

For looks CGT wins hands down and after spending a day in it last year and hitting over 200 mph in Italy, you have to take your hat off to it, for the endurance of the Gumball 3000 it has to be the d3 it can cruise at 150mph and you don’t need to stop to fill up like in the pasta rockets, for a fun car take a 360 they are like a go cart and if you get the chance to drive one in Croatia you can almost get 200 Mph from them and with the roof down WOW.

What was your first car?

Got my first car the day I passed my test it was a Fiesta XR2 (the best boy racer car around)

What car would you like to have next?

Not currently looking too change

What’s the biggest fine you ever had?

Have been lucky, none come to mind, big ones anyway

Do you have a drivers license?


Do you think you still have one after the Gumball?

Maybe a few less than I started with

Have you participated in any other rallies like Gumball?

Nothing as big, but this year will try the Cannonball bike run

What would you like to say to new Gumballers?

Don’t be afraid to drive fast, what’s the worst that can happen 3 days in a Tarragon prison (see Lonman)

What do you want the fans to do when they see you?

Bring Beer and lots of it

Do you have any other comments?

‘All Men Die Not All Men Have Truly Lived’

Copyright 2006

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