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Chinese Wedding Completed With 60 Million Yuan Worth of Supercars

Chinese Wedding Completed With 60 Million Yuan Worth of Supercars

Being the son of a wealthy business owner certainly has its perks as the following newly-wed discovered at his wedding day. Attendees at the high-priced...
Supercars Wedding

Video: Supercar Wedding in Zhejiang China

Supercars will make even most exciting events look much better. This was seen recently in the city of Wenzhou in Zhejiang Province. The video...

Video: Malaysian Wedding Features Exotic Car Parade

This is how most GTspirit readers picture their perfect wedding. A parade of supercars and luxury cars gathering to take guests from the ceremony...
Crashed Lamborghini Gallardo

Car Crash: Groom Crashes Hired Lamborghini Gallardo

A groom, on way to his wedding, crashed a hired Lamborghini Gallardo when he lost control of it skidding off road and into a...

The Most Luxurious Chinese Wedding Line-up Imageable

Weddings are things of our daily lifes. Nothing new on that part, however certain weddings could be placed into a different league. Like the...

Car Crash: Another Lamborghini LP640

The LP640 must be one of the most crashed supercars. Every couple of weeks a new accident seems to happen. This yellow roadster had...