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How to Park a Lamborghini LP640 Versace Roadster in Dubai

A stunning white Lamborghini LP640 Versace Roadster at the Mall of Emirates in Dubai. The video shows a guy from the valet parking, parking...

For Sale: Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Roadster Versace Edition

It's a known fact that the Internet is the place to find exclusive supercars for sale. The following one caught our attention. It is...

Photo Of The Day: Lamborghini LP640 Versace & Superleggera

The last photo of the day dates back to about two weeks ago. That means it is about time to share a new one...

For Sale: Lamborghini LP640 Versace Edition

The Lamborghini LP640 Versace Edition must be one of the most special limited edition LP640's cruising around on our planet. Only 20 pieces were...