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Report: Production Version of Vencer Sarthe to Attend Salon Privé

Released back in Monaco earlier this year, the Dutch Vencer Sarthe supercar is confirmed to be attending the 2013 Salon Privé show in September. Attendees...

Monaco 2013: Vencer Sarthe

Dutch company Vencer released their Sarthe supercar to the public at Top Marques Monaco 2013. Vencer are one of three supercar manufacturers in attendance...

Vencer Sarthe Debuts at Top Marques Monaco 2013

The brand new Vencer Sarthe supercar is making its official debut at the Top Marques Monaco 2013 in April next year. The exclusive hand-built,...

Official: Vencer Sarthe – Dutch Supercar

A new supercar brand has arrived. The Dutch company Vencer has released their Sarthe supercar to the public after a long development phase. The...