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Unlim 500+ Dragn Racing Heads to Greece

Unlim 500+ Drag Racing Heads to Greece

For the very few of our readers who may not be familiar with the Unlim 500+ rag racing events frequently held in Russia then...
What It's Like Driving at 400km/h in a Burning Lamborghini Gallardo

What It’s Like Driving at 400km/h in a Burning Lamborghini Gallardo

A few weeks ago, a video emerged showing this insane 2005hp Lamborghini Gallardo catching fire at over 400km/h when crossing the one mile mark...
Tuned Nissan GT-R Destroyed at Unlim 500+ Drag Races

Tuned Nissan GT-R Destroyed at Unlim 500+ Drag Races

If you’ve watched our various videos posted from the Unlim 500+ drag races in Russia, you’ll know that the vast majority of the races...
Lamborghini Aventadors Shows Who's Boss at Drag Racing

Lamborghini Aventador Shows Who’s Boss at Drag Racing

We all know that the stock Lamborghini Aventador is one of the fastest accelerating supercars in the world. During the recent Unlim500+ drag races in...
Video: 1800hp Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Losses Rear Bumper at Unlim 500+

How to Lose Your Bumper at 300km/h in a Gallardo TT

Lamborghini Gallardos, like many supercars, can be fragile. The original generation Gallardo had a bad reputation of spontaneously combusting but thankfully, the second-gen has...
Video: 1500hp Porsche 911 Catches Fire at Unlim 500+

Video: 1500hp Porsche 911 Turbo Catches Fire at Unlim 500+

As we know, the Unlim 500+ drag races in Russia bring together some of the fastest and most highly modified supercars on the planet....

Video: Unlim 500+ Trailer

Unlim 500+ released a new trailer yesterday to publicise their race meeting on 8 and 9 September 2012. This video contains something for everyone....

Video: Unlim 500+ Training Day

We've all seen the Moscow Unlim 500+ videos before. Comparing tuning cars with sometimes unexpected results! Today we've got a glossy behind the scenes...

Video: Lamborghini Gallardo UR Twin Turbo Hits 405km/h at Unlim 500+

This Lamborghini Gallardo Nera Underground Racing Race Version has set a new top speed record at the Unlim 500+, a Russian drag race event....