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Video: Underground Racing Gallardo Shooting Flames

This Underground Racing Lamborghini Gallardo Twin-Turbo spits some serious flames! The Gallardo is a verde ithaca six-speed manual and in the process of a...

Video: 1500hp Lamborghini Gallardo UGR TT Flybys

There is not a lot to tell about this 1500hp-strong Lamborghini Gallardo Twin-Turbo developed by Underground Racing, other than it is bloody quick and...

Video: Customer First Drive Underground Racing Twin-Turbo Gallardo

The following footage shows a Lamborghini Gallardo outfitted with a twin-turbo performance kit by Underground Racing. The American tuner is known for its twin-turbo...

Video Of The Day: Underground Racing TT Lamborghini Gallardo Nera

Quarter mile races are standard supercar tests in the US. This time we can show you a teaser video including the acceleration of an...