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Abflug Aero Kit For The Nissan GT-R

Abflug have released images of an aero kit that thhe Japanese firm hopes to offer to customers of Nissan's highly regarded GT-R. The kit...

Blitz R35 GT-R

The Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 bought us plenty of information on tuned GT-R's that we plan to bring to you in the coming week....

Zele International ‘Complete Edition’ R35 GT-R

After yesterday's Nissan GT-R V-Spec, we thought we would found a winner for the most expensive GT-R, however this tuned version claims to cost...

Power House Amuse Phantom GT-R

Nissan's GT-R has been fetled by Japanese company Power House Amuse to the tune of 602bhp. The company, who are famous for their take...