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Monaco 2011: Tirrito Ayrton R

The guys from Tirrito Ayrton have released their R version at the Top Marques Monaco 2011 show. The R-version got an improved performance, new...

Overkill: Tirrito Ayrton S New Color Livery

Maybe you remember this sports car from Italy. It is called the Tirrito Ayrton S and it was one of the most ’special’ designs...

Monaco 2010: Tirrito Ayrton S

The Tirrito Ayrton S is one of the most 'special' designs are the Top Marques 2010 show. The Italian sports car is completely hand-build,...

Tirrito Ayrton – New Italian Supercar

Let's put it this way. The following footage shows you a brand new vehicle; a new Italian supercar with a V10 engine producing a...