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Jet Fuel Nissan Patrol

Dubai Police Seize Jet Fuel Powered Nissan Patrol

Dubai police recently seized a Nissan Patrol that had been converted to run on Jet Fuel by a local garage. The driver was arrested...

Video: AMS Alpha 12 v Boostlogic GTR v 9ff GT2 v Underground Racing Gallardo

The following video shows another street racing session from DragTimes in Russia. It features two variants of the Nissan GT-R including the AMS Alpha...

Video: Ariel Atom Engine Explosion

There's a reason why you should always wear fire resistant clothes when undertaking any motor sport activities. This video proves that. It was shot...

British Columbia Mounties Impound 13 Street Racers

British Columbia Mounties are said to have impounded thirteen supercars out on what's being called a 'street race' by the force and the media....

Video: Getaway in Athens

This video shows a driver racing in Athens at night. The car used is a BMW M3. This video might be even better then...