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Gallery: Gran Turismo Expo 2013

Swedish Spotters has captured the most exclusive cars during the Gran Turismo Expo 2013 in the Swedish capital Stockholm. It took place between the...
Venturi 210 Wrecked

Car Crash: Venturi 210 Wrecked in Hit and Run

A classic Venturi 210 was wrecked in Stockholm back in September when a truck hit a line of cars. The driver of the truck...
Wrecked Audi RS6

Car Crash: Audi RS6 Wrecked Following Armed Robbery in Stockholm

Yesterday an Audi RS6 was wrecked following a failed armed robbery attempt. The RS6 was used by armed robbers to stop a truck on...
Ghostrider Giving Away 500hp Hayabusa Turbo

Ghostrider Giving Away 500hp Hayabusa Turbo

It seems that Ghostrider is officially retiring. He recently opened an online lottery, giving away his infamous 499-horsepower turbocharged Hayabusa. Whilst we don't normally...

Video: Al the Jumper Jumps over 80 km/h Lamborghini Gallardo in Sweden

The folllowing three videos show a similar but rather crazy stunt. Two of the videos were filmed this weekend in Stockholm and show a...

Video: Stockholm Open 2011 Streetrace

The following clip shows an unique event held in Sweden in the last weekend of August. The huge illegal streetrace is called the Stockholm...

Video Of The Day: Getaway in Stockholm 10 – Lamborghini vs Porsche

Our video of the day is Getaway in Stockholm 10. Within the footage a Lamborghini Gallardo races a Porsche 911 GT3 in Stockholm. Both...