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TAG Motorsports Puts Startech Jaguar XJ on HRE Wheels

California-based tuner TAG Motorsports struggled with the idea that tuned Jaguars are rather rare on the streets. With that in mind they decided to...

Geneva 2011: Startech Jaguar XJ

About a year ago we saw a preview of what the Startech Jaguar XJ would look like. The guys from Startech now present their...

Startech Establishes US Branch in Irvine, California

Startech has established its new branch Startech USA in Irvine, California. The new company offers individualization programs for the current models from Range Rover,...

Sneak Preview: Startech Jaguar XJ

Startech has previewed its program for the new Jaguar XJ. The product lineup includes an aerodynamic-enhancement kit, custom-tailored 21-inch forged wheels with corresponding ride-height...