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Watch: SSC Tuatara Sets New Record, 474km/h Top Speed

After a disputed record back in 2020, the SSC Tuatara is back and this time with a new record. Back in 2020, the American...
SSC Supercar Factory

SSC’s New Supercar Factory Back on Track – SSC Tuatara To Follow!

The world production car top speed record has been quite settled recently. I suspect one of the key reasons is that Washington State supercar...
SSC Releases Additional Details About the 1,350hp SSC Tuatara's Engine

SSC Releases Additional Details About the 1,350hp SSC Tuatara’s Engine

Not long after revealing that development of its 1,350hp engine for the upcoming SSC Tuatara had been completed and that deliveries of the new...
Customer Deliveries of 2014 SSC Tuatara Could Begin in December

Customer Deliveries of 2014 SSC Tuatara Could Begin in December

With SSC recently completing work on the 1350hp engine of the upcoming SSC Tuatara supercar, it has been announced that the first customer deliveries...
SSC Completes Testing of Tuatara's 1350hp V8 as Production Nears

SSC Completes Testing of Tuatara’s 1350hp V8 as Production Nears

Production of the SSC Tuatara is edging ever closer with the American supercar manufacturer recently completing testing of its brand new twin-turbocharged V8 engine. When...
SSC Ultimate Aero XT Limited Edition

SSC Building Last Ultimate Aero, Successor Coming in 2013

SSC, the American automaker famed for their Bugatti-fighting Ultimate Aero record beater, have confirmed they are currently in production of their final car. The...
SSC Ultimate Aero XT Limited Edition

Official: Limited Edition SSC Ultimate Aero XT

Apparently the SSC are not quite finished with the Ultimate Aero yet! Despite attentions turning to the brand new Tuatara, the US company will...
Shelby SuperCars Announces SSC Asia in Shanghai

SSC North America Drops Shelby Name from its Official Title

SSC North America, the American supercar manufacturer and the creator of the record breaking Ultimate Aero and the recently unveiled Tuatara, announces a new...

Top Gear Magazine Test Bugatti Veyron Competition

Top Gear Magazine has released a small gallery of pictures from a recent photoshoot they set up involving the Hennessey Venom GT and the...

Shelby Supercars Sells Ten Tuataras in Dubai

The upcoming new US hypercar, the SSC Tuatara, celebrated phenomenal success at the Dubai International Motor Show, according to Gulf News. They report that...