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Spyker to Launch All-Electric SUV Model in 2017

A new report has emerged suggesting that Spyker will receive an all-electric SUV by the end of 2017. First reported by AutoCar, the report...

Official: Spyker C8 Preliator

Spyker has risen from the ashes to debut a brand new car at the Geneva Motor Show 2016. Called the Spyker C8 Preliator, the car...
Spyker is now debt free

Spyker Rises Again and is Now Debt Free

After being declared bankrupt in December last year, Spyker’s fate looked sealed. However in January, the bankruptcy was declared null and void and the...
Spyker is now debt free

Spyker Could Return With Electric Cars and Planes

Not long after it was revealed that Spyker’s bankruptcy had been declared null and void, we’ve been tipped off to the fact that Spyker...

Spyker Back in Business after Bankruptcy Declared Null and Void

In a surprise move, it appears as though Spyker is no longer bankrupt following a last minute infusion of cash from investors. According to...
Spyker officially declared bankrupt

Automaker Spyker Officially Declared Bankrupt

Automaker Spyker has been officially declared bankrupt following numerous difficult months for the Dutch brand. Earlier in the month, Spyker entered bankruptcy protection in the...
Spyker Files for Financial Restructuring

Spyker Files for Financial Restructuring

Spyker has officially filed for voluntary financial restructuring which is the Dutch equivalent of chapter 11 bankruptcy in the U.S. The District Court of Midden-Nederland...
Spyker Assets Being Sold to Pay Tax Debts

Spyker Facing Possible Eviction From Factory

Despite Spyker being the Dutch automaker behind some magnificent sports cars and concepts, the firm has been in a bad financial position for quite...
Spyker Forms Partnership With Lotus

Spyker Reportedly Stops Paying Employees

The struggles of small sports car manufacturer Spyker are continuing with reports emerging that the firm has stopped paying its employees. According to sources from...
Spyker Assets Being Sold to Pay Tax Debts

Spyker Assets Being Sold to Pay Tax Debts

A large portion of Spyker’s assets are said to be in the process of being auctioned off to help pay a tax debt. It is...