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Spyker Plans Increase in C8 Aileron Sales

The Dutch car maker Spyker Cars NV has stated plans to raise annual vehicle sales by seven times in two years using the current...

Saab-Spyker Deal Settled

We haven't discussed the full process of the Saab deal and the sale to Spyker. The 'yes, no, yes, no'-story over the previous weeks...

Saab Still Alive, Spyker Continues Takeover

Ok there we go again. Swedish national papers have reported that Spyker is still trying to fix the purchase of Saab. A total of...

Saab’s Fate Sealed No Sale to Spyker

Last week, Saab announced that it closed a deal on the sale of certain Saab 9-3, current 9-5 and powertrain technology and tooling to...

Spyker Shows Interest to Buy Saab

Dutch sports car maker Spyker Cars and its Russian owner, Converse Bank, have submitted a bid to buy Saab. Spyker has confirmed this to...